Morality and humanity

These days, a particularly disturbing discourse is wreaking havoc in the mainstream political media. People who are particularly open to the world and who describe themselves as humanistic discuss making abortion possible until shortly before birth. It is the decision of the mother-to-be to be able to avoid any responsibility shortly before the delivery, they say. It is not murder, because the proponents believe that it is murder only when the child actually sees the light of day. The unborn child would be viable at this stage and develops feelings in the womb, recognizes the voices of parents and siblings.  Everyone seems to be aware of this, but the discretion of the expectant mother seems to be a sacred good.

We have had debates like this for months, because in 2020 a change took place that is progressing on and on at an unprecedented speed. We talk about future prospects that we would not have even dreamed of until a year ago. For example, there is the normalization of pedophile acts. That was an explosive topic outside of the mainstream media reporting, namely through the back door, in the vastness of the world wide web. There, politically interested people from the left-liberal spectrum gather who speak out in favor of sexual acts and so-called love relationships between adults and children. Only as long as these are to be carried out by mutual agreement. That calms you down, of course. Not.

The pedophile community then tried to gain acceptance in the LGBTQ + community and does not seem to have been entirely unsuccessful. It goes without saying that people came out of oblivion and openly admitted their inclination, namely the desire for sex with children and adolescents without having to fear consequences. There is no question that pedophilia must be treated as a mental abnormality and that there are, of course, those affected who are aware of their mental illness.

However, there are just as many who want to act out their sexual inclinations and seem to be confident that they are not sick. If you research the relevant forums, which, by the way, are not even difficult to find, you will become aware of the extent of the catastrophe. Users write there, completely convinced of themselves and their ideas, that they have fallen in love with their neighbour’s underage daughter and that they will soon be asking about a relationship.

It is not forbidden to openly debate such human abysses, after all we live in a democracy in which even the greatest idiot can and is allowed to speak. What is almost speechless, however, is the fact how naturally one speaks about the legalization of these crimes against the dignity of children. And how self-evident one would like to accept traumatization and lifelong suffering only for the satisfaction of needs and the appreciation of one’s own sick self.

In addition to these crimes against morality and humanity, the discussion about the legalization of drugs of any kind is very popular. True to the motto “Have hash in your pocket, and you will always have something to snack on”, relevant circles almost aggressively insist that at best, 24 hours a day, they be allowed to go around drunk without punishment. We no longer fight against the looming decline in values. We are already in the middle of it.

Ten years ago no one would have even suspected that one day it would be possible to assume multiple gender identities, no one would have suspected that instead of two there might be up to sixty different genders. And above all, nobody even dreamed that this fantasy would be tolerated and even accepted by society. Authorities and medical professionals are well aware of the disease of transsexuality and other gender identity disorders because they are listed in the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the world’s most important recognized classification systems for diseases worldwide. Nobody seems to care.

Immigrant criminals do not seem to be particularly unpopular either, because if you follow the critical theory of Adorno and other representatives of the 1968 movement, people with darker skin are not responsible for their own actions. White society is responsible, through the construction of non-white criminals through oppression and discrimination. This phenomenon becomes very obvious when one compares the judgments of white and dark-skinned murderers, rapists or thieves in Canada.  Despite what the media tells you, offenders who are not white usually come out of their crimes with mild judgments. Reason: Mental illness and therefore reduced culpability. 

What we will soon experience or already experience is a completely uninhibited society that is not aware of its problems and drowning its anger, the feeling that something may be wrong and the unnoticed frustration about the lack of boundaries, in a dissolute life and indulging in intoxicating substances. The prevailing hostility towards children and the fear of wanting to multiply are hidden under the guise of environmental protection and are only two of many symptoms of the demoralized population.

Among the left, children are nothing more than environmentally harmful scoundrels. They emit too much CO2 and leave an immense ecological footprint. There are even people who are considering or have even carried out sterilization due to the impending end of the world. The question is as follows: Is the majority of society really speaking here or are there a few, particularly aggressive forces who want to enforce their ideology with all their might? Or are the conservatives actually outnumbered, at least in the public political debate?

I’m not sure. However, I am sure of one thing: if we do not stop the ongoing moral and human neglect, a disastrous end will follow. Damage control will ask everything of us and we will wonder why we didn’t do something about it sooner. Why we didn’t stand up for our values ​​better and louder. Therefore, have the courage to be intolerant. Because the conservatives who are now considered intolerant have generated the now waning prosperity of this country, have founded families and held together. That only works with a compass of values ​​that is not like that of a delinquent.

Borders are not only useful in geopolitical terms. Limits are particularly important in everyday dealings with one another. Let us protect and maintain our personal and moral boundaries so that we can make a future humanity possible.

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