State mandate: decomposition

Not everyone can claim to be up close, live and in color during a major “transformation”. Even more so with such a far-reaching and maliciously executed one. So, applause, you have to give the actors a little credit after all; they show all their criminality to convince us that destruction is a great thing if you don’t flinch. Please don’t move, stay calm, it won’t hurt so much.

The remnants of real socialism – again at the levers of power – and they are not making the same mistakes they did in the 1980s. Everything Must Go. The police can only dream of today’s possibilities, smartphones, GPS and Alexa. Could you ever have guessed that people were begging to be watched?

The family, especially the girls in dresses and boys with toy guns, is a basic evil that must be overcome. The family is the atom to be split. There is still something there that has to be removed, broken and broken down into its individual parts. Psychopaths act in a similar way when tearing apart their victims. (I have not yet given up hope that somewhere in this madness there is a budding doctor who analyzes our society, which has become so unfortunate, and uses the right medication. But that is only incidental.)

If there are no children, you separate the couple by telling the woman how oppressed she is and labeling the man as a chauvinist pig, which is to be led to feminist ritual slaughter. This only works for heterosexual gatherings, of course. Feminism is modern hatred of people.

Which, in turn, have what is popularly called interpretative sovereignty. And for them this is the VIP pass, the eternal golden ticket for the great decomposition of individual Canadian particles. The spit in the state recipe, so to speak. The sectarians press the red button. The adjutant is the keyboard warrior, the scribe, the opinion journalist, the media award winner. The roadside is lined with Fridays for Future fatalists who make the perfect idiots.

The coup from above against its own people experiences plenty of euphemisms. Take a bunch of dirt and advertise it with fair-trade organic cocoa. See there, it is swallowed. However, there is still a lot of “persuasion” to be done, especially in the dark part of Canada. A bit of social exclusion here and a bit of denunciation there (“He’s voting for the PPC!”) And it smells like the stink of the workers’ state. You can rely on one thing, people just don’t want to be alone. That is why separation from society is so effective. You go through everything traumatized. Now we also have the better term for the transformation of our community: It is the traumatization of its members, the dehumanization and transfer into inner isolation. And it is effective, this method of decomposition, so effective that every dictatorship that this earth has already seen uses it again and again, even if it calls it something different, for example transformation.

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