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“Black Power Naps”: Sleep and white sheets have also become racist lately

The US initiative “Black Power Naps” believes it has uncovered a new case of “structural racism” – namely insomnia as a racist weapon against black people. The reason is interesting!

Quirky theory: a kind of fatigue only black people know

Sleep is one of those things that everyone thinks they are getting too little of. Anti-racist activists from the USA are taking outrage over lack of sleep to a whole new level.

An interview with the authors of Black Power Naps appeared in Teen Vogue, a magazine that is now considered to be left-wing and which used to be about fashion and celebrities. In it, Fannie Sosa and Navild Acosta explain their bizarre theory.

Everything started when they noticed a lack of sleep in themselves. But they should have known immediately that it could not be any ordinary lack of sleep. No, it had to be a special, inherited fatigue that only blacks can have!

Left-wing activists believe in sleep suppression and demand redistribution of sleep and relaxation

This particular form of black fatigue, according to Black Power Naps, was a deliberate tactic used by slave owners to weaken the minds of the oppressed. And even today, whites would still take advantage of black fatigue to maintain colonial power imbalances.

Racist old white man enjoys his racist privileges

The initiative’s demand: blacks should be allowed to sleep more often and more. But not just like that, but as a form of reparation payments for the time of slavery. On their homepage, the activists demand a redistribution of sleep and relaxation.

“Black Power Naps” doesn’t want “a single white surface” on sleeping places

Sleeping is not the only thing that Black Power Naps finds racist. In one of their Instagram videos, the activists explain: “Sleeping places are particularly often shown in white in the media: white, airy rooms with white sheets that blow in the wind.”

Activists refer to this discovery as chromophobia – a term that describes the fear of color and actually comes from psychology. It has nothing to do with skin colors.

For Sosa and Acosta, one thing is clear: white sheets are a “bastion of anti-black racism.” They try to prove that their theory is correct with other examples of supposedly racist color suppression. White walls in museums or with doctors are also problematic.

In a bizarre performance video, their followers call on them to take a break from wokeness and have a black power nap.

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