Tucker Carlson: Censorship of the technology giants protects the Biden clan

Facts that Joe Biden has denied in interviews for years have now been confirmed to be true by emails from his son. The Biden clan has used political influence for financial gain.

“Until recently, nobody would have believed that something like this could happen in our country.”

“The tech companies that could be harmed by this story were scared and took a stand. Everything was censored three weeks before a national election. You stopped the public from reading the news … “

On Fox News, for example, Tucker Carlson commented on the unsustainable censorship machinery of Twitter and Facebook, which deleted a New York Post article and temporarily blocked his campaign account.

No apology and no reasonable explanation followed.

“They just did as the Chinese government just does. They are monopolies – they have all power.”

“It was mass censorship that America has not seen in 250 years.”

Carlson sees the foundation of democracy as such being attacked, because “Democracy only works when there is a free exchange of opinions between the citizens.”

Twitter punished the New York Post by banning its Twitter account, effectively “banning one of the world’s largest newspapers from Twitter.”

One statement read: “We do not allow the use of our service to directly distribute content and private information that has been obtained through hacking, that puts people in physical danger, or that reveals trade secrets.”

Of course, Twitter allowed a New York Times story that exposed US President Trump’s private tax returns, but then it wasn’t a hacker attack at all. The data was viewed by a computer store owner after a defective laptop was returned to him for repair, which he gave to the FBI and later to government officials in New York.

All three reasons – including trade secrets, since Hunter Biden’s Ukraine relations had been known for months – were therefore threadbare and an alibi to cover up the massive censorship campaign.

What the emails show above all is that Hunter Biden not only exploited his political ties to get on the board of the Ukrainian company Burisma and be involved in business with the Chinese, but he also used his relationship with his father to influence US foreign policy and to make a profit from it.

Hunter Biden was then asked by a board member: “We urgently need your advice and relationships to send a message / signal to stop what we consider to be a politically motivated decision.” It was about a meeting with Joe Biden in April 2015.

Which then specifically means: “If Joe Biden met with Burisma Executives, at the request of his son, in order to benefit his family, then it is clear that Biden’s denial of this story was a lie.”

In 2019, Joe Biden stated that he had no idea what business his son was doing in Ukraine. In an interview with Axios in December 2019, he unabashedly commented: “I don’t know exactly what he was doing there. I found out that he was on the board after he was already elected to the board – and that’s it! “After the interviewer pressed him whether he should have investigated what his son was doing, Biden repeated: “No. because it didn’t look suspicious.”

Hunter Biden was also a key contributor to the dismissal of a Ukrainian lawyer, Viktor Shokin, who was involved in a trial against Burisma .

One wonders, of course, why Biden was involved in the dismissal of a Ukrainian lawyer, which has nothing to do with US foreign policy and is not profitable for the country.

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