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Lefty couples get divorced because partner votes “wrongly”

Getting divorced because your spouse disagrees politically? For some leftists that seems reason enough.

Extortion in marriage: Either you vote the way I want or I go

The political rift within the United States also runs through romantic relationships and families, as a number of Twitter posts that went viral recently showed.

The now deleted tweet from the user “Bevanne TX”, supporter of “Black Lives Matter” and the US presidential candidate Joe Biden:

“I’m married to a Trump supporter. I’m serious that if he doesn’t vote for Biden/Harris, I won’t stay. I married him before Trump was elected and I voted for Hillary. It has been a rough four years.”

Screenshot Twitter

User WendyOboy has a similar problem. In her Twitter bio, she blames her husband for her own alcoholism. She writes: “I feel the same way. Filed for divorce last week. I can’t do it anymore. “

Another Trump opponent shows understanding: “How did he answer? Does he really want to stick to his opinion instead of saving his marriage? That’s crazy. “

Reactions on Facebook speak for themselves

On Facebook, where a screenshot of the Twitter conversation was making the rounds, users were outraged by the behavior of left-wing women. “If I were ever faced with a decision like this, I would vote for the other candidate on principle. I don’t let anyone blackmail me, not even my wife,” was one response.

Another user recommends looking for a good lawyer in such a case and points out that it is inhumane to confront your partner with such a decision.

But what many users see above all is the irony. One writes: “And we Trump voters are accused of being intolerant.”

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