Facebook and Twitter are censoring articles on Biden corruption

But Chinese and Iranian state propaganda is allowed.

Facebook & Twitter blocked the distribution of an article about the involvement of the Biden clan in shady and criminal machinations in Ukraine. Chinese and Iranian state propaganda, on the other hand, continues to be spread openly.

Kayleigh McEnany is the press spokeswoman for the White House, so roughly comparable to the task that should be performed in this country by the Marxist Feminist Kate Purchase, who is financed by compulsory taxes. Kayleigh McEnany has a Twitter account, just like her boss Donald Trump. But like many other users, her account was blocked by Twitter. A contribution from the New York Post (NYP), which disclosed the involvement of the Biden clan in dubious and criminal machinations in Ukraine, should not be further distributed on Twitter. The day before, Facebook had already carried out another censorship orgy on its platform because of this and blocked or froze the accounts of several users who had shared the NYP’s contribution.

On Thursday, Kayleigh McEnany’s account, like that of many other Twitterers, was released again and the press spokesman’s comment was accordingly: “Censoring political speech is what you’d expect in countries like China, North Korea or Iran – NOT in America. This should scare every single American who values ​​free and open discourse. Do not let Big Tech silence you.”  19 days before the election, Facebook and Twitter’s approach is at least debatable.

So while the truth about the dubious and criminal machinations of the Biden clan should be kept under the covers, other accounts on Twitter remain fully active. Accounts that convey Chinese and Iranian state propaganda and their hatred of the USA. Such communications allegedly do not violate Twitter’s terms and conditions; the distribution of an article in the New York Post did, however.

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