Cat and Mouse and Joe Biden

Joe Biden looks desolate, his words confused. Even journalists and the Dem’s own propagandists find it harder and harder to deny it. What’s going on with the people who line up this exhausted man?

Let’s imagine a cat that has caught a mouse. The cat is not yet hungry, so it plays around with the mouse.

The mouse jumps around between the cat’s paw blows. The mouse hopes to escape its fate after all, even if the first bite in the neck is especially painful.

Unfortunately, in all likelihood and experience, the mouse will not escape, but the mouse does not understand it. If the mouse weren’t so panicked, and if it also had a bigger brain, then it would deduce its true position from the fact that it is still alive but simply cannot escape.

The mouse is just a mouse for the cat, a snack that the cat will soon have to eat, and the mouse has hope because it does not know how things will go for it.

If the cat hits here and there, and always in such a way that the prisoner can barely escape, then the mouse considers the paw blows as its fate; a larger plan of the powers that it is unfortunately too small to understand – but to us, who in turn are bigger than the cat, both are little more than the playful thoughtlessness of the overpowering cat.

No, cats don’t take the mouse seriously – why should they? Why should one take seriously what is ridiculously bouncing around and will soon be eaten?

One would have to have lost one’s hearing in order not to have noticed that the bearer of hope for the Trump-haters, Mr. Joe Biden, seems to be wrestling with serious cognitive problems at times.

You could fill hours with agonizing and painful quotes – so please allow me to quote the currently most laughed at quote:

If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID 19, which are way beyond what they should be, it’s estimated that two-hundred-million people will have died, probably by the time I finish this talk. (Joe Biden, September 20, 2020, Live on CSPAN, see c-span.org, from 9:04 am )

(Note: It would be unforgivable for the author not to write down the joke, according to which the always ethical Bono claps his hands rhythmically in concert, and explains: “Every time I clap, a child dies in Africa,” whereupon one of the audience calls out: “Then stop clapping, you _____ !!”)

Joe Biden has practically not appeared freely among “normal” people for months. The performance on September 20, 2020 at the National Constitution Center (see c-span.org) without an audience was prepared for one and a half days, during which Biden disappeared into the usual black hole. Biden reads from the teleprompter. Note the first few seconds of the performance, in which he stands there completely lost, as if waiting for the medication and teleprompter to be inserted. During the performance, in which he reads from the teleprompter, he keeps coughing.

“200 million” deaths, that would be two thirds of the USA – and they should all have died of COVID before he even finished his speech?

In the video (from 9:04), Biden emphasizes the words individually as if he was thinking about them and / or wanted to emphasize each syllable. After he says “beyond,” Biden spreads his arms in a wide, a dramatic gesture, as if remembering what his carers had been training with him for the previous day and a half.

Later in the video, Biden mentions a more likely number of 200,000. So what is the resolution? That he read it wrong? That it was wrong at first and right later?

Even if all the other video recordings of his cognitive dropouts did not exist, various other passages in the same speech, such as his very strange emphasis on “six million” (probably referring to the infected), could only suggest one conclusion: Biden’s brain does not shine brightly enough to reliably process the words his mouth speaks.

It borders on abuse of senior citizens, what is being done with Biden – but he is not the only actor in the US Democrats where one is not sure, especially as a neutral observer, whether they are perhaps just mindless actors in an unworthy drama staged by completely different powers.

Let us also look at recent appearances by Nancy Pelosi, US Democrat and Speaker of the House of Representatives. In a recent interview, after about six minutes of conversation, the ABC moderator asks her a harmless question, taking up her own bullet points (whether she’s taking any arrows out of her quiver, whether she’s excluding anything). A gentle template from a sympathetic TV station – but her reaction is: Pelosi waits a few seconds in silence, then grins somewhat awkwardly and whistles, as if the conversation was only just beginning: “Good morning! Sunday Morning!” (Check it out for yourself: ABC News on YouTube.com, from 6:29 and then look again and look at the moderator’s face.) – It looks like you had to restart a robot because it crashed in the middle of a conversation. What the startup sound of the Windows PC is, that is “Good Morning! Sunday Morning!” for Nancy Pelosi – and if she “crashes” in the middle of a conversation, you have to start her up again in the middle of the conversation.

What a great view

The main purpose of those functions of the brain that we call the mind is to recognize and predict patterns. (Note: We call the systematic recognition of patterns science – which is why, of course, neither theology, creative art, or gender studies can be a science; they don’t first recognize patterns, but create them – and if they reflect actual patterns, then and only then are they science.)  We should urgently use our minds on the events in the USA and at the same time on the Canadian reception.

The Canadian state media also reports on Biden’s mentioned speech as well as Pelosi’s statements – and in both cases the massive cognitive failures of the two confused people are left out – it is “lying by omission.” The Canadian state media reports on Joe Biden as if one only mentioned what a great view the occupants had on their journey in a car that drove off a cliff.

To quote the ex-alcoholic George W. Bush, who is also dazzling in his cognitive abilities (today also liked by the US Democrats) (today he is practically a US Democrat of hearts, see for example businessinsider.com, 13.12.2019):

There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee – that says, fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again. (George W. Bush, see YouTube )

He is of course referring to a saying which is: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

One would have to be struck with the mental blindness of a journalism award winner not to see a pattern. What does it mean when the US Democrats repeatedly bring people close to the highest power whose brains seem to behave like that of someone with severe brain damage?

(Allegedly) the most powerful man

Is the obviously badly ailing Joe Biden just another mistake in the decision-making process of the US Democrats? Another “individual political case”?

Well, as of 9/21/2020, Joe Biden was sitting, as politico.com writes , on a “pile of cash,” of at least 141 million dollars. Nobody collects that much money “by chance.” So much money suggests plan and intention.

Trump himself regularly engages in duels with journalists (sometimes staged in reality TV style, looking like his feuds with Jim Acosta from CNN; interesting text on nytimes.com, September 20, 2020, and yes, I know it’s otherwise irrational anti-Trump hate speech, this one is still good). And it is true that his interviews are partly disasters, also because – unlike the people he meets – he sometimes goes in unprepared. Biden, on the other hand, has been avoiding all spontaneous interview questions for months, which is more than understandable given his state of health. Occasionally, fake interviews are staged in which Biden reads from the teleprompter, but even with those, Biden is so clumsy that it does him more harm than good (when he holds a framed picture in the camera and the secret teleprompter is, for example reflected in the pane, see @mbracemoore, 9/12/2020; Incidentally, it happened during an interview with James Corden from the “Late Late Show”, the left-correct saliva-leaking successor to the brilliant Craig Ferguson – oh, how we have fallen).

Unlike Trump, who incidentally was registered as a Democrat from 2001 to 2009, Biden was more or less “carried out to the hunt” – in some cases, probably in the literal sense. What does it say about “the system” when a party sends desolate figures like Joe Biden to the election campaign for the post of (allegedly) the most powerful man in the world?

What do you want to change about it?

The cat doesn’t take the captured mouse seriously – why should you take your next snack seriously?

“Don’t play with your food,” children are taught, but of course it is not complete. Of course, like the rich, cats play with food, and when the food tries to run away, it’s cute and entertaining. You can play with your food, but you shouldn’t take it seriously. You are not discussing philosophy with an oyster that is still alive but that you will soon slurp out.

Some observers speculate that the aged Biden is only a “placeholder”, because the Democrats actually wants to raise his radical left Vice-President Kamala Harris to power, who is practically ineligible as president.  The fact that the American people are actually presented with candidates like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden seems like one of those games that the really rich and decadent would play.

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