Canadian climate extremists are allowed to continue to block rail lines in Vancouver

Founder of Extinction Rebellion Arrested for Violence

If you consider what supposedly left-wing organizations in Canada are allowed to get away with and how one comparatively deals with peaceful patriotic activists, one can only shake one’s head. After the extremists of Extinction Rebellion seized the rail line the police arrived but have not yet removed them.

Apparently not everyone in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal-NDP Canada has to obey the law. The extremists of the self-proclaimed “Extinction Rebellion” climate movement, whose founder is toying with murder and manslaughter charges, immediately occupied the important rail line at Renfrew Street and Grandview Highway on Monday September 21.  Afraid of chaining themselves directly to the tracks, they locked themselves to chairs they planted nearby and made themselves at home and refused to leave. As night fell and temperatures dropped, about 10 of the 15 protesters left the area taking their chairs with them.  The remaining few are joined every day (weather permitting) in the early afternoon by several others who leave when darkness descends. 

When will there be an eviction?

A total of about 20 extremists were initially involved in the illegal action, which caused the rerouting of several cargo trains. The Vancouver Police first gave out information on Tuesday morning that the situation had to be clarified first. Obviously, the observation was very intense for a very long time, because it was not until 9 p.m. that any authority came to the conclusion that blocking a railway could be illegal.  A confusion about jurisdiction then ensued until it was realized that the railway was a federal matter; the RCMP moved in and remain there.  As is so often the case at left-wing Green events, a huge mountain of rubbish is building up, which will need to be cleared away at the taxpayer’s expense.

Hugs for extremists

A hug-fest for the left, the Green Party supports people who have joined this organization that glorifies violence.  It is incomprehensible to many taxpayers.  Non-binary pansexual Green Party leadership candidate Amita Kettner called for the abolishment of the police and said that “only a decolonization of this unceded land can start reversing climate change.” One thing is certain: Being a police officer in Canada is a very special experience in many ways.  “Maybe it is time to abolish the police and replace them with those who can do the job,” said Travis Patron of the Canadian Nationalist Party.  Riding their post-Trump-debate high, BC Proud Boys president Deacon Harris offered to send his supporters in to do what the RCMP won’t and “crack some commie heads.”

Criticism of Canadian government ministers

Of course, it is not manpower, but politics that is the problem.  Conservative Party of Canada leader Erin O’Toole directed sharp criticism at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Public Safety and Transportation Ministers, Bill Blair and Marc Garneau: “Harassing harmless walkers during the lockdown without legal basis or bullying restaurateurs is not enough for this government. Canadians urgently wish that Minister Blair would find his balls when radical climate idiots set up illegal blockades and bring rail traffic to a standstill. During previous illegal rail blockades, he had his police observing the illegal action for weeks. Such a wimp is completely out of place in the executive branch; a real leader would have long since removed the work-shy ‘activists’ “

Far-right eco-fascist group Canadians for Tomorrow was more sanguine: “We need to let civilization run its course, and this means resource usage to the end.  A large die-off is inevitable; the earth can simply not sustain a population this size that all want more material wealth.  So, yeah, more oil extraction, but it should be used by the West and not China who is one of our civilization’s enemies.”  

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