BLM supporter Procter & Gamble invests in Erdogan’s Turkey

Double standards at the consumer giant

Procter & Gamble is building a new production facility in the Turkish industrial city of Gebze for 80 million US dollars.

So many double standards are rare. Consumer giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) couldn’t support the Black Lives Matter movement fast enough. P&G created its own ad suggesting that whites are fundamentally powerful in the US and blacks are oppressed. At the same time, these moralists are investing cheerfully in Turkey. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, recognition of the Armenian genocide, freedom of religion suddenly no longer play a role for P&G.

The Turkish Minister of Industry, Mustafa Varank, was unable to express his joy in words when he visited the P&G factory in Kocaeli in early September. According to its own statements, P&G has not only invested $238 million in the Erdogan empire over the past decade, but is also increasingly using Turkish products in its production lines. Much to the delight of Varank and certainly Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Because Turkey needs good headlines and investments for fresh foreign currency.

The military interventions in Syria, Iraq, Libya and the occupation of EU territory in Northern Cyprus costs money, as does Erdogan’s latest adventure in the South Caucasus. According to consistent reports, Syrian IS fighters paid by Turkey are fighting against the indigenous Armenian residents there. However, the mercenaries do not take soft Turkish lira, only hard currency in the form of American dollars. These have to be brought in via direct investments and exports, which brings us back to Procter & Gamble.

Procter & Gamble – this is the company that launched a controversial advertising campaign after the tragic death of George Floyd that addresses White Americans in an emotional way. It is not enough to be against racism, you have to actively stand up against systemic injustice. The clip suggests that if you don’t act immediately, you are guilty. Guilty of what? The video refers to America in 2020, not 1820. There are no more black plantation workers in chains and no more slavery.  There are laws that protect all Americans regardless of their colour. Western civilization, in contrast to Islamic civilization, overcame and abolished this crime of its own accord.

For P&G America, however, the Floyd case was sufficient to draft a general indictment against “White America”.

Similar campaigns by P&G in Turkey, however, are unknown. How about a video on the anniversary of the Turkish genocide against the Armenians? The group could show a video with the Armenian victims and call on the Turkish public to come to terms with the past. The motto could be: You have the choice – whoever is silent is also a murderer. P&G could of course also address the oppression of Christians in Turkey or the oppression of the Kurds. For example, a TV report in Kurdish would be an option to address the disregarded rights of this minority. Freedom of the press would also be a useful field of activity. The grievances in Turkey are undisputed and the range of actual injustices is huge.

The selection of Procter & Gamble products in Canadian supermarkets is simply huge. Pampers, Bounce, and Charmin are known to be very soft. You can’t expect a hard edge against Erdogan. But did you also know that Braun, Gilette, Head & Shoulders and Mister Clean obviously sympathize with BLM? It almost gets stuck in your throat. If you want to be on the safe side and do not want to support either Erdogan or BLM, you should therefore switch to solid discount products. This not only saves money, but also calms your conscience.

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