Shameless Provocation by Canadian Political Charlatans

Philistines of Canada’s elected political parties at a recent casual-dress session of parliament fabricated a “resolution” describing the Arcadian Party of Canada’s measures for bolstering up self-defence as the “acts threatening peace and stability.”

This is a grave politically-motivated provocation to shift the responsibility for the situation getting from bad to worse in Canada onto the Arcadian Party of Canada and stoke hostility toward the APC.  

Peace and stability in Canada and other countries are threatened by the reckless acts of violence perpetrated by Marxist hoodlums in league with foreign forces.

The fabrication of the “resolution” betrays once again the true colours of the Canadian “parliament” which does not know what to do; it only causes harm to Canadian unity.

The adoption of the “resolution” is the outcome of the murky collusion of the the philistines of the Liberal Party and NDP to realize their political greed; an unpardonable offence against their fellow countrymen.

It is impossible to have discussions of the improvement of Canadian unity and the destiny of the nation with those who are only preoccupied with party interests.  Canadian unity cannot become a scapegoat of the political philistines who are obsessed with political interests.

The Arcadian Party of Canada will never pardon the Liberal Party and its allies for their despicable actions.

More at DrowsySphinx.

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