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Feminist openly admits that she hates men and urges women to ignore them completely

Feminists repeatedly emphasize in public that they are not interested in hating men or a fight between the sexes. A French feminist now did the exact opposite and published a book called “I hate men”.

Feminist man hating book: Special advisor to the French Ministry of Equality calls on publisher to remove book

“All right, I’ll admit it: I hate men. Really all? Yes all. I don’t like them all,” writes the 25-year-old author Pauline Harmange in her book, which was recently the focus of public debate in France.

The English version of the book is available on Amazon.ca.

Even a French government official stepped in and threatened to sue the author and her publisher for inciting hatred.

Ralph Zurmély, special advisor to the French Ministry of Gender Equality, wrote to the publisher of the controversial work:

“This book is obviously an ode to the hatred of men. Let me remind you that inciting hatred based on gender is a criminal offense! As a consequence, I urge you to remove this book from your catalog immediately.”  Otherwise the publisher could face prosecution.

The author is gracious: “My goal is not to wipe out men.”

For the feminist, who believes that “anger towards men is actually a pleasant and emancipatory path,” the controversy about her book was worth it: the sales figures quintupled.

Pauline Harmange with her book “I hate men.”

Colline Pierre, one of the founders of the publishing house, defended her author against criticism: “The title is provocative, but the language is moderate. It is an invitation not to commit or compromise with men. At no point does the author call for violence.”

Harmange also sees herself as moderate. She says, “My goal is not to wipe out men.“  She just wants to destroy their privileges.

The feminist also gives specific instructions for action: Only completely ignoring men can change society.

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