Brazen attack on the Canadian right: Conservatives are “sick fascists”

The Canadian left is attacking democracy again: conservatives are all “sick fascists” and would introduce a white supremacist dictatorship. Without strong government control Canadians will not be able to form a free opinion and will soon realize that the current election was their last “free choice”, Liberal MP Maryam Monsef told The CBC.

O’Toole: She should resign

In a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office, Conservative Party of Canada leader Erin O’Toole rejected Monsef’s accusations “as an insult to the country and Canadians” and demanded her immediate resignation. Deputy Conservative leader, Candice Bergen, described Monsef’s statement as contradicting Canadian values ​​and the requirements for loyalty to Canada. Such statements are incompatible with the position of a Cabinet Minister.


Depending on who she is talking to, Monsef claims to come from either Iran or Afghanistan and belongs firmly to the Marxist wing of the Liberal Party. Her outrageous attack on Canada culminated in the statement that most Canadians cannot form their own opinions, and that is why we need the media positioned in the country. Without a leftist government, the right would gain so much power over the media that “the toxic masculinity of white men would spread unchecked.  There would never be the opportunity to decolonize white people.”  Being a new arrival, the immigrant MP is unlikely to know the situation, where the current government keeps the media in line with taxpayers’ money and where divergent opinions lead to an outlawed niche existence. One of the reasons for her panicked screed was the recent news of Canada’s online alt-right online presence far outpacing the left in terms of reliability, leading to journalists from the liberal camp reacting with outrage and ringing the bells of indignation.

The Liberal-NDP-Green are the real dictatorship

Monsef is likely to have lost touch with reality during her time within the Liberal Party bubble when she says: one day Canadians will recognize that “white privilege is responsible for the difficulty in implementing an intersectionality that allows us to defund the police and thereby eliminate systemic racism.”  She went on to defend Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision not to honour his promise of electoral reform because “it would only help the sick fascists of the People’s Party and Conservative Party.”  In view of the massive democratic deficit in Canada, whose Senators are never elected, but installed according to power-political considerations, this statement is downright presumptuous.

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