Trump’s corona infection could end the Corona pandemic

All those who are now gleefully happy that Trump is sick with Corona could be happy too soon. Because if Trump recovers quickly, this could also be the end of the pandemic.

Trump tested positive for Corona. And what you are reading now is of course pure speculation. But think about it:

Was he tested positive, like thousands upon thousands, without symptoms, or is he really sick? We now know that in addition to an enormous error rate in the corona tests, there are also countless positive tests without symptoms. So the people are “Corona positive,” and by no means sick, but very healthy.

IF Trump is sick now , he will probably show the world that the disease is not as bad as advertised. Just like Brazil’s President Bolsonaro did after his illness: “What are you afraid of?” he asks after his recovery.  But Bolsanaro was still unable to stop the mainstream media from (since the beginning) declaring him to be completely crazy.  Bolsanaro is just a weirdo. Finished. It’s that easy for the mainstream media.

Such communication would undoubtedly have more weight with the US President. And Trump was more than skeptical from the start, vigorously criticizing the WHO. And so this could be the end of the pandemic in the US. And from there the house of cards will fall down.  But as I said, just a thought experiment. We will see. 

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