CBC Liberal sycophant Rosemary Barton: Gold is for right-wing extremists

A brilliant achievement from Canada’s leading champagne socialist

“Gold is the Canadian citizen of financial investments. Its time has run out. It should be withdrawn from circulation,” says Liberal sycophant and CBC hostess Rosemary Barton.

From Andrew |  It should be well known that the politically correct CBC has long since become an intellectually shabby staple for green grandmas and pissed-off Liberal grandpas. Nevertheless, once in a while some left-wing cat lady in the gloomy editorial team there succeeds in adding a new highlight every now and then. For example, after much thought, the anti-fascist mouth breather named Rosemary Barton has now found out that gold is right-wing radical and must be banned.

Eight times CBC's Rosemary Barton showed bias for the Liberals | The Post  Millennial

Gold is not used industrially, Barton lies, and it is total environmental rot and actually worthless. Much more worthless than the paper money that causes inflation and the permanent Covid recession. And then it gets even worse:

“It is no coincidence that the yellow metal finds its supporters in nationalist and right-wing extremist groups. White supremacists once owned a gold and jewelry shop, the manager of the gold dealer was Francis Stephenson, a member of the right-wing extremist scene …

You could also put it this way: Gold is the Canadian citizen of financial investments. Its time is up. It should be withdrawn from circulation. Like asbestos, mercury or chlorofluorocarbons.  Climate change and Black Lives Matter will reset the global order without this shiny metal!”

Boom! That is what the 44-year-old Liberal sycophant Rosemary Barton believes about gold and Canadians. (And we are surprised and impressed that she actually knows the word “chlorofluorocarbons”.) Her contempt for all things truly Canadian rivals only her incompetence as a journalist. One other thing: she and her disciples at the CBC are allowed to send me all their gold bars, gold coins, rings and watches – should they have anything other than fool’s gold. We will then be happy to verify whether Ms. Barton is right about the value of gold!

More at DrowsySphinx.

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