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TikTok trend: parents throw away their children and twerk to abortion song

In a TikTok dance that went viral, parents twerk to a hip-hop song about abortion – and throw their children out of the picture.

US rapper calls for abortion dance challenge in another symptom of civilizational decline

“No baby, we can’t have a baby. If you don’t take this plan B, bitch, it will have to be plan C,” says the lyrics of the song. “Plan B” means the “morning-after pill”, Plan C means abortion.

In TikTok videos that are currently going viral, this is exactly the line you hear US rapper Blueface recite while men and women twerk, throwing their children away.

In an Instagram post, the rapper supports the campaign and calls on his fans: “Grab the next baby too”.

Criticism of working parents: the internet is disturbed

While the rapper’s fans find the video funny, there are also many critical opinions about the questionable Twerk clips . One of the top comments under the rapper’s Instagram post says: “I would be disappointed if my mother threw me away and then shook her ass for the Internet .”

A Twitter user writes: “Blueface is promoting a TikTok challenge in which you throw away your baby and then start twerking. You do everything for a little bit of attention, I guess.” In a follow-up post, he called for the child protection authorities to be alerted.

YouTuber and author Paul Joseph Watson writes of the bizarre trend: “Another reason to ban TikTok, which consists largely of videos of teenage girls in slippery scenes that only fit into Netflix’s pedo-friendly film ‘Cuties’.”

US President Trump plans to ban the Chinese app , which is suspected of spying on its users.

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