Postal voting scams for the US presidency exposed

Islamic gangs collected blank voting papers in Minneapolis for money

Postal voting in the USA offers – as here in Canada – the option for extensive manipulation. US President Trump has already repeatedly warned against these manipulations, and they have now been exposed in Minneapolis.

Existing party politicians and mainstream media in this country are trying to downplay, negate, relativize or even conceal the possibilities of manipulating democracy. In this country, large and small “irregularities” have appeared in almost all political elections in the recent past. It should be clear to all those involved that not all misconduct has been discovered. The vast majority of these frauds took place in the context of postal voting. These are the facts that no one with common sense denies.

It is precisely these facts that US President Donald Trump repeatedly addresses when he warns of the possibilities of manipulating postal votes. Because of this, the media makes him appear hostile, and many a politician or journalist tries to deliberately misinterpret these warnings or to interpret them in a direction that Trump did not take at all.

The current events in Minneapolis show that the incumbent US President is right with his reminders and warnings. There, the investigative journalist James O’Keefe from “Project Veritas” demonstrated in a video how a group of the Muslim population organized around the “activist” Liban Mohamed collects postal voting documents, paid for them and then deliberately forged them. It is not that Liban Mohamed falls for a trap; on the contrary, he films himself and shows off his “successes” in matters of undemocratic behavior and criminal behaviour.

The native Somali collected these documents for his brother Jamal Osman, who would like a job on the city council – as a representative of the “Democratic Farmer and Workers’ Party of Minnesota”, the regional branch of the US Democrats – in the city from which the US Democrats sent the Islamic Ilhan Omar to the US House of Representatives. Is it a coincidence that these attempts at fraud are exposed in the ranks of the US Democrats? Is it just a coincidence that an officially recorded discarded bag of postal ballot papers was found in Pennsylvania in which the votes for Trump were collected? Is it really all a coincidence? Or is US President Donald Trump just right with his warnings and reminders?

Side note: the US Postal Service warns against sending money by post – that is not safe. But postal ballot papers???

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