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11 things that have been completely ruined by the left (Part 1)

1 Universities:

Bans on thinking instead of debates, language regulations and diversity: Leftists have degraded our universities to neo-socialist boot camps.

2  Freedom of expression:

Everyone can say anything as long as it is exactly the same as what leftists say. Everything else has consequences.

3  Genders:

There are only two biological genders: that’s as safe as saying “water is wet”. Nevertheless, left ideologues have managed to overturn this simple and obvious truth.

4  Taxes:

In a country with some of the highest taxes in the world, only the left can drive the population into the streets to demonstrate for even higher taxes. People who work – that is to say, certainly not leftists – toil for the state until the end of June each year.

5  Video games:

Medieval games without blacks? Racism! World War games without overweight LGBTQ wheelchair soldiers? Discrimination!

6  Courtesy: 

In the dark, pre-feminist times, the patriarchy considered it polite for a man to hold the door open for a woman or to help put on her coat. Fortunately, today we know that this is a preliminary stage to rape.

7  Halloween: 

White people who dress up as Indians or Bob Marley? Successfully outlawed by the left as racist “cultural appropriation”. Blacks in traditional costumes? 100% left-okay.

8  Christmas: 

“Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, so as not to trigger Muslims, the fight against supposedly sexist, racist and proto-fascist carols, customs and traditions,, the abolition of Santa Clause, MeToo-Mary, who was raped by the immaculate conception – do you have to say more …?

9  Religion:

Refugees, Fight Against Right, Cuck Christianity – little more is left of the religion that made the West great than the name.

10  Weather reports: 

Before climate change suddenly turned into “climate crisis”, skeptics suddenly into “deniers” and SUVs into “city tanks”, the weather report was actually purely informative. Rain was just rain and sunshine was just sunshine. Completely different today. Rain? Climate change! No rain? Climate change! Summer? Climate change! Winter? Climate change!

11  News:

What would the news be without a mix of “White Supremacy” and “Refugees Welcome”, pleasantly mixed with a few trivialities like baby animals in the zoo? At the end of the day no one gets any information.

More at DrowsySphinx.

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