The myth of “social justice” goes beyond any existing social system

Identity politics chaos is disturbing Canada more and more

By William.  Our Canada is a country where the meanest and most repulsive seemingly hold all the strings in their hands. Furthermore, they are on the verge of permanently destroying many values, security and traditions. Highly aggressive “anti-fascists”, who have long claimed the authority to interpret many social issues, are spreading like powdery mildew over our nation and stifling democracy more and more.

In addition, it is no longer enough for the united Liberal-NDP-Green coalition to get their way on climate issues, migration, energy transition and Islam. No – they also require that you feel that it is good how Canadian society is currently being realigned. And as we can see, this project works out very well. Anyone who does not obey them will gradually be dehumanized as a person and citizen.

In addition, anyone who publicly rebels against such morally charged doctrines, corona hype, eco-socialism or the like will be destroyed politically, in the media and often also in their daily lives. Contradiction and nonconformity against such stubborn and religion-like dogmatics are therefore pointless, because they are considered “heresy” anyway.

The world view from the perspective of the supposedly oppressed becomes omnipresent

Only to a very limited respect does any of this have to do with science, truth and reason. Rather, it only works within guidelines anchored in identity politics, which, however, must not be questioned in more detail. This kind of left-wing skepticism towards the objective truth thus represents the methodological basis of all those postmodern developments of anti-racism and gender madness.

This is symbolized by the statement that only white people could be racists and that biological genders do not exist. As a result, a wide range of victim categories has emerged. In the middle, of course, are all those new citizens (“Canadians”) who see themselves as refugees, people of color and, of course, Muslims. Conversely, the interests of real Canadians are less and less noticed.

The conceptual structure of “social justice” now stands above all rationality

But how can one establish such a special “doctrine of salvation”, which basically contradicts almost all theories of common sense? Very simple: to do this, you analyze the target country, identify social groups that are receptive to the desired thesis, and then scatter the appropriate seeds. The target persons do the rest themselves in their echo chamber, which works like a greenhouse – and amplifies all processes. In this way, whole peoples are destabilized with little effort and thus people who in real life would not even be able to stock shelves in a grocery store are given authority, validity and sense of mission in order to force whole nations into a veritable freeze of tolerance.

As an example, even if Justin Trudeau did not say a single word from now on, but instead only uttered cryptic tone sequences and body noises, hosts of lefty journalists would be ready to willingly record them.

Losers are hyped up as “social warriors”

Instead of Trudeau, any person sitting in our current parliament and their attached media crowd could of course be inserted. This admittedly unsavory example is intended to make it clear once again that in parliamentary terms it is no longer about the welfare of Canadians, or even about truth.

This system demands you put an end to your prosperity and white privileges, pass your undeserved privileges on to the minorities streaming into the country! A whole generation of young Canadians are already willing to follow this maxim. In the 2019 federal election, the very same Liberal-NDP-Green coalition that is massively promoting the extinction of all traditions we know and love was chosen by 69% of those between 18 and 29.

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