Is a conservative majority coming to the US Supreme Court?

Lefty judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is said to have been kept alive with blood transfusions.

If 2020 is the Book of Revelation, then with the death of US Supreme Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the seventh seal that opens the gate to hell was broken: noted loudmouth Alex Jones prophesied “That’ll lead to civil war!”

Justices on the United States Supreme Court are appointed for life. The left-wing 87-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been suffering from liver and pancreatic cancer for a long time, but reportedly wanted to stay alive as long as possible to prevent Donald Trump from appointing a third Judge and thus a conservative majority of 6 to 3 in the Supreme Court.

“That will give the left the opportunity to go completely crazy and switch to doomsday mode,” commented the conservative presenter Alex Jones. “Because then conservatives will dominate the Supreme Court for ten years or more.”

Even when the relatively moderate judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated in 2018, radical left counter-demonstrators turned the Capitol into a war zone, physically attacked politicians and tried to portray the Catholic family father, who had been married for 16 years, as a serial rapist.

According to reports, Trump will presumably nominate the young Catholic judge Amy Coney Barrett (48), a student of the conservative pioneer Anthony Scalia of the school of “originalists” who want to interpret the law as written, as opposed to a long series of “activist“ judges want to reinterpret it.

Conservative Amy Coney Barrett, 48, could have a say in US law for 40 years or more

Since the 1973 Roe versus Wade case, which had legalized abortion in the US because it was supposedly enshrined in the constitution through the right to privacy, there has been growing conservative criticism of an increasingly activist Supreme Court; decisions that were too unpopular to achieve a majority in congress would instead be forced through by the judiciary. Bader Ginsburg is representative of this judicial activism.

Bader Ginsburg’s last wish was allegedly that the selection of a successor would not take place until after the presidential election on November 3rd. However, this decision is not up to her. The Republican majority in the Senate could, for example, confirm Amy Coney Barrett as judge in October. This would make it much more difficult for the Democrats to contest Trump’s re-election in the event of a controversial presidential election outcome, like Gore vs. Bush in 1990, as planned by several left-wing Soros groups.

The Democrats accused the Republicans of applying double standards: In the 2016 election year, the Republican majority prevented Barack Obama from appointing a new chief justice for eleven months, with reference to the upcoming election. “The people should be able to decide,” said Republican majority leader Lindsey Graham at the time.

Republicans turned the tables, pointing out that Barack Obama had fought for the right of a sitting president to appoint a new chief justice even in an election year.

The left has thus laid an egg in three ways: not only have they granted the Supreme Court extensive powers in a creeping process that may now be exercised by conservatives for years, in 2013, under Obama, they also ensured that a simple majority in the Senate (and not 60 votes as before) was enough to confirm a Chief Justice. In addition, Obama himself gave the Republicans the justification to push a candidate through before the election. So all that remains for them is probably chaos and rioting and the intimidation and threats of moderate senators.

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