Israel’s reconciliation with the UAE

Most Muslim states look benevolently to Israel in light of the normalization of relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. But the political-media racket in Canada receives the news in silence.

By Egmont.The United Nations and the European Union have tried for decades, they wrote roadmaps and dumped billions in taxpayers’ money in the Middle East. But the breakthrough came from the unloved Donald Trump. Within a month, two oil-rich Muslim countries, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Bahrain, have contractually normalized their relations with Israel. There are many indications that more neighbors will follow. Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also unloved, has not met any of the PLO-friendly conditions that have been required for decades. The event in the front yard of the White House was spread across the Arab world via Al Jazeera, broadcast live on almost all national channels in the US and Israel. In Canada, the media got going very sluggishly, live special broadcasts were never considered.  The official response was a terse five sentence statement from Global Affairs Canada.

Former politicians also kept a cool distance from Israel’s governments. But how unprofessional the Trudeau government is now with Netanyahu and his pioneer in Washington is unique in its history and reveals weakness. Trudeau does not have the courage or the inner greatness to congratulate Washington and Jerusalem for an undoubtedly outstanding political achievement, to pay them respect. He looks away offended. The “bad boys” in the White House and in Jerusalem have achieved what the western world and its supporters have hoped for for decades: the opening of a broad path for peace in the Muslim world. How small-minded must the ladies and gentlemen of the Canadian Government, be when they have a strange emotionally induced speech disorder.

Kosher kitchens in Dubai

On the evening of television on September 15, 2020, where were the self-proclaimed Middle East experts who for years told us about Israel and the two-state solution as an indispensable prerequisite for peace? For example, how do you interpret details such as the announcement of the largest hotelier in Dubai who is preparing for Israeli tourists and setting up kosher kitchens in their homes? Or about the declared intention to fight the corona pandemic together?

Only a sensible – and also critical – Middle East policy that works hand in hand with Israel removes the ground for Jew haters for politically motivated anti-Semitism from the right and from the left. The US president has been showing the way for more than three years.

Trump has offered churches a stepping stone for the current peace deal with the name “Abraham Accord”. None of the high clergy took the opportunity to point out the fundamental and unifying importance of Abraham for the three monotheistic religions. A word that we are all children of Abraham would have been enough. How poor and discouraged must the mood be among the silent gentlemen in their cassocks?

In 1973, a few weeks after the Yom Kippur War, Israel was only pitied. The days of the Jewish state seemed numbered. In the meantime, the oil weapon of the Arab states has become blunt. The oil of the future is data control, artificial intelligence and cyber security. The skills for this are mainly in the USA, China, Russia and Israel. Canada has a data protection law that makes as much sense as an umbrella against a tsunami.

When was Canada brave enough in the last few decades to tell the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah and Gaza: game over? The old terror game is over. The fact that the gunpowder of the PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah has long been dripping wet should not be a great secret. The unsuccessful attempt to fire rockets from Gaza towards Tel Aviv on the evening of the signing of the UAE-Bahrain-Israel peace deal in Washington shows the boundless helplessness of the Palestinian leadership. In the treaties signed in the White House, a two-state solution is just as little mentioned as East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state or a right of return for refugees.  The next test is just around the corner: Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have been proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize. How are the federal government and opposition reacting in Canada? You can guess three times.

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