Democracy with heart disease

Two weeks after a “defund the police” demonstration that brought out “dozens”, over 800 people were out in the rain on parliament hill to protest Trudeau’s gun ban.

On August 29, Marxist agitators attempted a rally in Ottawa and across the country, but were overwhelmed by concurrent demonstrations against anti-freedom measures taken by the government related to the Covid plague.  Echoing their Marxist masters, the unanimous media choir took the opportunity to use their long pre-formulated extremism and Nazi storyline, and denigrated the large-scale demonstration against the Covid-19 measures, as the work of political wrong-way drivers, crazy people, and naive followers.  A black and black-clad protester wearing a shirt urging us to “F__k the police”, said “anyone who seek alliance with right-wing extremists on the streets, and even those who just stand indifferently next to neo-Nazis, those who is Nazi-adjacent, who aint clearly and actively anti-racist, makes common causes with them. ” (sic throughout.)

The media themselves are either being ignorant or partial, or blind in the left eye when they are hostile towards those who think differently.  They have no other language at their disposal than the formulas that are pre-punched by parliament, their globalist financiers, half-baked extremism experts, and Antifa. With the Nazi and extremism mantra, rational political discourse is blocked and opposition to government policy criminalized. Instead of trying to find commonalities, the media uses their unprecedented authority and reach to escalate the division by marking friend and foe.

Democracy without debate

There is no opposition in parliament that expresses radical contradictions; any hint of not toeing the globalist line is sidelined by a party whip and the media bloc.  The real opposition manifested itself outside of parliament this weekend in Ottawa.

The media are assiduous briefcase carriers and party apparatuses, cheaply pointing a finger at the useful idiots who are supposedly threatening the “heart of our democracy” by wanting to arm themselves against thugs made lawless by a kow-towing Trudeau and his sleepy-eyed lackeys. The demonstrators were really protesting against the democratic cardiac arrest. When was the last time there were competent, intellectually and rhetorically high-quality debates in parliament about foreign deployments of the military, the consequences of immigration, energy and climate policy, or the legitimacy of the Corona measures?

Perfect representative of the current country

Instead of parliamentary control by the Trudeau government, we see his acclamation; continued efforts by the mainstream parties to assert their power and money against new competitors, and their selfish refusal to introduce democratic reform, viz proportional voting. The Corona and gun protests could just as well be interpreted as the shaking of a sclerotic institution.  Trudeau is the perfect representative and administrator of the political and mental state of this country.

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