Anti-Trump viral video unintentionally gets people to vote for Trump

Trump’s Republicans cannot advertise that cheaply: A viral anti-Trump video leads many people to now vote for the populist president.

Black Lives Matter activist destroys a Trump merchandise stand

A video was viewed more than two million times showing a BLM supporter demolishing a stand with Trump fan merchandise.

The incident happened a few days ago in San Diego. You can see a young man throwing tables with campaign articles. “Fuck Trump Nigga, fuck Trump” can be heard all the time in the background. In addition, the stand operator, a middle-aged woman, has sexist abuse hurled at her.

Trump can be calm

Incidents are repeatedly reported in which supporters of the Democrats harass, insult or even attack Trump supporters. Only recently, two young women stole a 7-year-old’s Make America Great Again cap.

It should be clear: around a month and a half before the US election on November 3rd, such recordings can only benefit one person: Donald Trump.A new Florida Atlantic University survey showed the two candidates were on par, after challenger Joe Biden recently lost a significant margin.

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