Trump’s son-in-law sets the pace for peace treaty again

Once again, Jared Corey Kushner – advisor to President Donald Trump and husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka – caused a bang. Again he set the pace for a revolutionary peace agreement. This time between Israel and the Arab Kingdom of Bahrain.

A similar agreement had been made just a few weeks earlier by the Israelis and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – also after Kushner’s mediation. The legally binding agreements for establishing diplomatic relations between Israel and the two Arab states are to be signed in Washington on September 15 as part of a major celebration.

These groundbreaking agreements increase the reputation of Trump among the diverse Jewish residents of the USA, who – depending on how they are counted – number between six and eight million citizens. The world’s largest Jewish community outside of Israel could play an important role in the November 3rd presidential election. Trump has another important diplomatic success that should strengthen his support among pro-Israel evangelicals in America.

Even more: in the last few days, Trump announced that the Balkan state of Kosovo, in which a majority of Muslims live, intends to diplomatically recognize Israel. Here, too, American diplomats mediated successfully.

Historic breakthrough in the Middle East

In view of the revolutionary diplomatic successes, Trump speaks of “another historic breakthrough” on Twitter. So far, almost all Arab-Muslim states have viewed Israel as their mortal enemy, with whom there must be no peaceful relations.

Almost all mainstream media around the world hardly or not at all report that the three agreements were apparently reached through the mediation of the US administration – under the leadership of Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared C. Kushner, who has successfully done this as a special envoy from the American President.

After the agreements between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, Trump has raised hopes for further progress several times; he even speaks of a possible “peace in the Middle East”. This may initially be due to American wishful thinking. The fact is, however, that the Trump administration has achieved remarkable successes in the region that were not granted to his predecessor Obama.

Even the left New York Times refers to the successes of Trump and Kushner

Even the left-liberal New York Times , which mostly publishes articles that are outspokenly critical of Trump, found it necessary this time to point out Jared E. Kushner’s special role in US diplomacy. At the beginning of September, Kushner visited Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.

The latest agreement between Israelis and Arabs would probably not have come about without Kushner – who is considered to be extremely skilled at negotiating and has always negotiated in close consultation with the Israeli government – and the Crown Prince of Bahrain, who led the negotiations on behalf of his king Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.  Bahrain had opened its airspace for Israel flights for the first time a week earlier. 

White House: Grand Ceremony for the Agreements

This Tuesday, Trump has a grand and solemn ceremony in the White House – on the South Lawn – when the agreements between Israel and the Muslim countries of the UAE and Bahrain are officially signed. 1000 guests are invited, reports the Jerusalem Post . Three prominent politicians from the Middle East are traveling to the event: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Sajid (UAE) and Abdullatif al-Sajani (Kingdom of Bahrain).

The PLO, Hamas, Iran and Turkey are violently protesting against Israel’s agreements with the two Arab states. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh “called on the Arab states on Monday to boycott the signing ceremony of the normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, scheduled to take place at the White House on Tuesday” (Jerusalem Post) .

The PLO even calls for a “day of wrath”.  A statement literally states: “The Palestinian flag will be hoisted in all Palestinian cities and refugee camps in Israel and abroad to underline the objection to the hoisting of the Israeli flag in Abu Dhabi and Manama.” The Palestinians are also called upon to protest in front of the embassies of the USA, Israel, the UAE and Bahrain worldwide.

Will Saudi Arabia soon make peace with Israel too?

Israel made the two agreements with the Arab states UAE and Bahrain possible by the Israeli government publicly declaring that it wanted to “suspend” Israel’s planned official annexation of areas in the West Bank, which have long been de facto government territory of the Israelis.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is located on a peninsula near the United Arab Emirates, and it has borders with Saudi Arabia. It is now believed possible that Saudi Arabia will soon establish diplomatic relations with Israel. This could officially lead to relatively close economic, medical and security cooperation that would not have been thought possible a short time ago.

The UAE and Israel have already given a groundbreaking example: both are now working on a project aimed at improving protective measures against the Coronavirus.

Many Arab states are increasingly afraid of Islamic Iran

The rapprochement between Israel, on the one hand, and the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, on the other, was promoted by the fact that these Arab states are trying to find allies – in particular against the armed and bellicose Iran and the terrorist organization Hamas. The PLO in the West Bank has also increasingly become a dangerous troublemaker, especially for the Arab countries Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia; they are doing everything to prevent a sustainable peace in the Middle East.

Israel, on the other hand, is considered to be a territorially very small, but economically and militarily strong country, which is keenly interested in peaceful relations with its Arab neighbors.

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