Attack on Salvini: The left encourages violence in Italy too

The tension is increasing in Italy. Regional elections are due in the next few days, as well as a referendum to reduce the number of parliamentary seats. Incidentally, the Italians abroad have also been called on to do this; the election documents have been sent.

According to the polls, it appears that government ministers could incur heavy losses. In any case, the former interior minister and opposition leader Matteo Salvini is giving everything so that new elections can take place as quickly as possible, even if that means the current government around Conte clings to the corona straw to simply continue to govern by recently extending the state of emergency.

The left, led by the socialists, is always calling out the (non-existent) fascism and Salvini. Yes, they show their intelligence when they deny there are Lega members and sympathizers with migration roots or of black African origin.

Numerous photos and selfies with recognizable immigrants next to Salvini went viral; Matteo Salvini enjoys the support of the broad section of the population, one that is in favor of needy refugees, but against illegal migration and people smuggling – promoted by the EU, and even from immigrants. A woman of Congolese origin who has been in Italy for years apparently sees things very differently.

Matteo Salvini, on his way to a nearby restaurant after his rally in Pontassieve near Florence, was attacked by a 30-year-old Congolese woman. After all, only with her hands, and without knives or other weapons. It could have turned out fatally, especially since Salvini is always known for going among people and the masses without significant protection. Even as Minister of the Interior, Salvini liked to keep the obligatory bodyguards at a distance. Now he has to rethink this strategy. The danger, fueled by leftist activists and groups, is increasing every day. Their hatred grows.

The woman managed to approach the Lega chief in a crowd and immediately became aggressive; she pulled and tore at him, tearing Salvini’s shirt and his rosary necklace. The police stopped the woman who works in the civil service for the municipality of Pontassieve and apparently oversees a project there.

The 30-year-old has no criminal record, although now she will probably have to answer for assault and resisting arrest. Apparently she acted alone and was not a member of the anti-Salvini demonstrators. With the words, “I curse you …”, she approached Salvini and immediately attacked. She tore the necklace off his neck immediately.

According to the daily Corriere della Sera , the 30-year-old Congolese is a “well-connected and well-educated young woman” who is often involved in the initiatives of the “Black and White Committee”, which deals with charity projects in Africa.

Meanwhile, Salvini says he doesn’t even think about interrupting his tour and rallies. Salvini quickly shook off the shock and continued his visit on site and said only: “They tell me that she was born in the Congo,” said the Lega boss, and emphasized that her origins were irrelevant. Salvini continues: “The serious thing would rather be – if it were confirmed – that she works in a public institution.”

Salvini also wondered whether the woman also had something against our Christian culture, as she so vehemently attacked the rosary chain. Salvini recovered quickly and wrote a post for social media: “Everything is fine, I have no physical injuries. I can buy the torn shirt again, only the rosary, which she tore off my neck violently, was unique because it was a present from a pastor … “

And about the Congolese woman herself, Salvini found the following words: “No anger, only pain and sadness for her. I go on, it didn’t scare me, it only bothered me, surprised me a bit,” said Salvini, commenting on the attack out of nowhere.

Matteo Salvini concluded his statement by saying that he would always respond to the anger of others with a smile. “Long live the Italy of women and men who believe in freedom, serenity and work. Always forward, without fear and with your head held high.”

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