And speaking of useless civil servants, it’s time to take our annual look at the CBC.  With a budget approaching $1.5 billion (yes, billion), the CBC has finally succeeded in becoming just another among the thousands of culturcidal media outlets that are nearly impossible to avoid.

So what exactly is done with so much money? If you look at the homepage of this soy shop, you get the impression that two interns have been posted there to continuously read Elle, CNN and similar left-wing radical filth, and then a print a small summary of it in an even more desolate, stereotyped, politically correct, in short shitty English. There are no more detailed or original articles than those that are offered by the mainstream media, who pass off mis-truths for the lukewarm pablum usually found on the internet.

This country’s far-left cultural Marxist policy is being taken to extremes:

and so on and so forth.  It makes one wonder why we should bother with this platform at all.  The news is the same dross that we have already read on our cell phone right after waking up in the morning – four days previously and more insightfully.

That is the content, but how about the salaries?  At 7500 employees with an average salary of over $66,000, that comes to half a billion dollars in salary alone, spent on people who are too stupid and too incompetent to find a place in the real media.  It is only in the context of these billions of dollars wasted elsewhere within the organization do the millions in compensation to the President of the Superfluous Nonsense Corporation and her various sub-bosses (who have each passed ideological purity tests) not seem unreasonable.  They need to keep up their champagne-socialist lifestyle, after all.  (Of course, this is a drop in the almost $50 billion compensation bucket that is doled out annually to federal civil servants, which is now approaching 50% of the cost of all program spending.) 

Where else is this money spent?  Whatever is leftover from paying salaries, copy-pasting fake news, and 8th rate ‘entertainment’ with z-list talent, is spent on so-called events and work-shops that, pre-plague, were staged non-stop to justify their own parasitic existence, all of which are on the usual merry-go-round of climate alarmism, race/gender politics, and the colonialism-racism-Trump-sucks death-spiral.

For anyone who has wondered how these inflated hollow vessels, all of whom have studied social sciences, and who in earlier times would have been at most a lift-boy or pussy-hat wearing placard-waver, make better money today than other people such as master craftsmen, here is the answer. The left-wing state feeds them through such flat-brained institutions for producing nothing, and then again for producing nothing a second time; it even gives them moral and very practical supremacy over our lives, so that they may build a totalitarian prison for us, under the resolved abolition of the nation of Canada in favor of the anonymous rule of global functionaries for an international socialist world order.

Not that these people, who go in and out of institutions like this and drink their fill from the tax money trough, are clever or succeed in any other way with a clever thought. No, precisely because they are so stupid, are they eligible for the game. They are like children and the mentally handicapped, who sometimes want to appear adult and normal by speaking up, but are totally out of place when they do, but otherwise obey their carers like poodles.  Our rulers have given them the role of a parrot, repeating their destructive agenda.  Whether it is advocating for the ongoing foreign invasion, or the idolatry of black criminals and their White apologists, it does not matter.

Without exception, speaking robots with built-in chips from the Marxist factory are on the move in these intellectual thin-shit ditches.

On the whole, the CBC produces tons of word-garbage, mostly by means of copy and paste or by recalling their 7th grade social studies lessons through which they (barely successfully) struggled, which, as is the case with garbage, goes straight to the dump after it is put at the curb. This is exactly your billions flow.

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